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Death Notice

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Denis Biilmann passed on Oct 10 2021 Aged 73,  His funeral will be held at St Joseph’s Catholic Church at Berridale on Oct 20 / 2021 commencing at 12pm then afterwards at Gegedzerick Cemetery Berridale


Death Notice

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Billy Butz

Passed away 24th March 2021 after a long illness. beloved husband of Robyn and loved father and father in law of Angela & Richard and Megan. proud Grandfather of 5 and great grand dad of 2.

A graveside Service of Prayers and Celebration for the life  of Billy will be held within the grounds of the Batlow Cemetery, Cemetery Rd, Batlow on Thursday,1st April 2021 at 11.30 am.

for those unable to attend in person Billy’s family invite you to view the service via live stream at


School Reunion

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to all old boys our reunion may be be on at the end of  the year keep an eye on our page for further updates


Death notices

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I am sad to report two of our Inveralochy family have passed

One of our originals Des Power passed away just recently he was 79 (1941-2021) he started in 1954 to 1958.  He was Cremated on the 10th of March at a private function in Grafton where he has lived for a number of years. Des leaves a wife Kay a daughter and three sons and 14 grandchildren of which we pass our sincerest condolences to all the family

Our other member was Allan McDonald he was at school from 1961 to 1965 he passed away on 9th march 2021 we also pass our condolences he was originally from Nimmitabell in the southeast NSW. see old boys facebook page


School Reunion 2020

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School Reunion has been book for 9th,10th and 11th of October at Goulburn

This is an early notice other activities have not been confirmed but the dinner will be on Saturday 10th at “the Mecure Hotel” like the last reunion. The Hotel has set aside rooms in a Group Block the prices rang from $144 to $194 per night. Bookings can be made direct to the Hotel, phone 02-4822-5445 or email

The booking code is -G-2036-Inveralochy School Reunion

Also you can ring Paul O’Rourke on 02-4822 1050 to put your name down also tell us your current address and any RIPs you know of.


deaths last year

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Ian Medway, Dave Nolan, Neil Reid, John Thompson.


Jim Roche


Attention to all

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All students attending the reunion please bring all your school photos and all your school friends contact lists it does not matter weather we double up on infomation as long as we know what is happening to our old boys. To those that cannot get to the reunion please send your details and school friends even if they have passed to the email address in the contact page.  Phil G


Facebook pages

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We have two facebook pages the first one is St Micheals Inveralochy and the second one is Inveralochy Old Boys I recommend the old boys one as it is a group page and you and your family can join so we never lose our memory of our school years


A Concern To All

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Owing  to the extreme number of rubbish comments the comments section of this webpage will no longer be working. For all old boys please send a message through the email system


2012 Reunion Saturday afternoon farm visit.

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Old school visit on Saturday afternoon a lot of old boys and their wives enjoyed seeing the school progress into a useful place that the priests can live and learn at. There are more photos of the Saturday night dinner on the pages section.

Here are some photos of the school visit there are no names on these photos.

workshop and shed experting

workshop and shed experting



dinning room

dinning room

class rooms and court yard

class rooms and court yard


Registration page

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On the Inveralochy Class 1958-1962 Reunion Post there is a comment from Michael Hassler go to the link on that comment and it will take you to a registration proforma and put in your details   regards P George admin


2012 reunion

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The 2012 reunion was a great success, It was held over three days, first there was Friday night on the 19th of October some 40 to 50 ex pupils and their wives attended for Smoko.

Here are some of the photos I took hope you enjoy them.





? and Ray Mooney

? and Ray Mooney



Robert Allen and Bill Crowe

Robert Allen and Bill Crowe

Phil George and Joe Brookman

Phil George and Joe Brookman

Michael Dwyer and Tim Curry

Michael Dwyer and Tim Curry

Keiran McBurnie and Robert Jones

Keiran McBurnie and Robert Jones

Tony Stevens, Col McClure and Robert Allen

Tony Stevens, Col McClure and Robert Allen











New updates to pages.

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This will be a post area to let every one know whats new on the website.

Peter Taee sent in photos of the one of the class and school and also of a athletic team. The item has gone into school history.  Posted 20/12/9010

This Is For all Old Boys OF Inveralochy.

On the Coming Events page there is a link to a registration for all Old Boys set up by Michael Hassler.  To go to this page you must go to comments, then to comment (Howdy To all Old Boys), Go to highlighted line starting with, (Try https://) click and then start entering your details.    FROM Phil G (Admin)    posted 25/12/2010


School emblem

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These items were sent to me by Dennis Burke Year 1957, The banner shown is of that year, The hat band stayed the same.hatbandschool banner


Inveralochy Class 1958-1962 Reunion

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Len & RobboThe GroupStan MaddenOn the 12 September 2009 a reunion of  the class of 1958 was held at Goulburn.( At this stage I am waiting for some photos and they will be posted in this section of the web page)  I’ll add an excert from Tony Pass who wrote a email to all concerned. Photos L to R are: Br Versace & Robbo,Group and Br Madden.

Hi all ( including respective partners)

    Well our inaugural Class Reunion was, by any measure an enormous success. Anyone who did not feel the happiness and comfort that accompanies the friendship of old friends………..was not there. To the partners of Old Boys who attended, and those that provided encouragement to attend, Thank You most sincerely.

P.S   A article appeared in the Land newspaper written by Jacqui Corby dated thur nov 5 2009 on page 40.

Of the 58 boys from that class there are 8 have passed away. (We will remember them.)

To all exstudents of Inveralochy.

Please write a comment on the page you look at. There is a comments section at every page and please leave a phone number so I can get back to you.  All comments are viewed by the administrator, not by other people except when it is not personal.


Post old boys Reunion

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invera 52.08A reunion of the 1961 Class with Bill Crowe (end right) organised, was held at Jamberoo Lodge which is in the Illawarra, south of Wollongong a very good turnout of old boys with their wives and in a  good location with exellent accommodation all in one package.A Good turnout, congratulations on a pleasant weekend.


2008 Reunion

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Eventualy this page is to give infomation to all inveralochy people on the goings on with who is sick,moving or just general gossip if you will. Some people at the last old boys reunion took photos if they could send a copy to me I’ll try to publish as many as possible on to the web page.  Thank You           Phil George


invera-5108invera-18invera-49082 Left:  Peter Lott, Phil George,Eugene Herbert and  Peter Bickford.       Second left: Peter White.     Fourth Left: Daryl Guthrie, Leo & Vincent Moloney.


oldboys reunion 2008

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invera-4508invera-4408inveralochy visit


Boys of Inverlochy this is your page

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 Inveralochy established 1954 with 4 Christian Brothers as teachers and administrators and with 92 students over 5 classes. We all worked at school in practical diversities of  farm life wether we came from towns, cities or from the land. now many years have passed, we all realize that we grew up in a very large family of Inveralochy. With this home page there may be a link to the friends we made Yesteryear (we hope).  The whole name of the school in case people from other places mistake us is: St Micheal’s Agricultural and Trades College.  Inveralochy  Goulburn New South Wales. Australia

      To all:  Please put a comment on a least one of pages you read with it your phone number so I can get back to you.    This refers to all exstudents of Inveralochy.

Inveralochy 2008

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